Thursday, July 9, 2009

Will This Replace Coca-Cola In Terms of Soda Sales In Korea?

Somehow I think asshat-ery of reality TV is crossing over into real life beverages. Just check out The Daily Fork's Ten Of The World's Strangest Beverages if you don't believe me. Some of them are fairly goofy, but I'll bring this one up because the company's name sounds silly-

-and so does the main non-water ingredient, kim chee. That's right, pickled fermented cabbage.

Friday, July 3, 2009

$150,000 A Year? Such A Bargain!

Does this house look familiar to you?

It's the house from Season One of Top Chef. It has five bedrooms and either four or three bathrooms, depending on which site you go to. All this can be had for the amazing low price of $12,500 a month. That's right, for a little less than someone pays for an entire year's rent on a house in Bum(expletive), Montana, that would pay for a month's rent for this fine joint.
Well, if you seen the show, you know that it has a nice roof garden and it photographs very well.