Monday, June 21, 2010

Pizza in a cone?

Do you remember in "The Jerk" when they had "pizza in a cup?"

Well, I guess somebody to took that to its next natural progression, with a "Pizzacone." Ah, only in Manhattan.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Here comes The Real L Word

Oh man, if you don't already have Showtime? This will definitely make you want to subscribe, because they are bringing "The Real L Word."

Executive producer of "The L Word," Ilene Chaiken has teamed-up with Magical Elves ("Top Chef" and "Last Comic Standing") to bring us, "The Real L Word," and it's premiering June 20th on Showtime. Follow a group of six lesbians in their daily lives at work and play in Los Angeles, and you'll quickly learn that real life is even more compelling than fiction.

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Premiere Issue of Dark Valentine is here!

Though you wouldn't know it from this blog because I don't mention it here, I am a writer and an author. I am proud to be involved with a new magazine that specializes in dark fiction, and its name is Dark Valentine Magazine.

The cover illustration is by Joanne Renaud, and novelist Elizabeth Zelvin kicks things off with her story, "The Silkie." My friend, editor and author Katherine Tomlinson has a yarn called "Automancer."

My fellow authors from the Premiere Issue of Needle Magazine, Sandra Seamans, Paul D. Brazill and Chad Rohrbacher also make this issue a must-read, with their amazing story-telling talents.