Friday, December 4, 2009

Top Chef, WTF?

So let's see, her chevre mousse with honey mushrooms, braised radishes, and basil was just a little to salty for the gals. Tom and Michael Chiarello weren't complaining during the serving.

Besides, she didn't serve a pregnant woman an undercooked egg (uh, Mike Voltaggio) and she had duckiness going for her.

She has duckiness.

Forget them, Jen, you're my Top Chef.


Greg said...

She was robbed. the fact is Top Chef is a boy's game, and she aint no boy. Charming, yes, but in the end not a boy.

The fact they kept the Voltaggio brothers this long for drama purposes despite the fact that at least one of them is untalented?


Lauren T. said...

That was Michael, not Bryan. I can't believe so-called fans of this show still can't tell them apart. They're SO different.

Cormac Brown said...


Collichio says that they don't do the usual reality TV stunt of letting people go on the basis of ratings, and that it based on food. I have to wonder this time, and it looks like the show has gone to the bad old days of a boys club.

I don't want to say that they are untalented, because Jennifer had her bad days too, and her lack of self-confidence did her in. Yet, since we can't taste the dishes and have to gauge everything via the judges' comments, I don't see how both of the Voltaggios made it through.

Lauren T,

Welcome, though lack of sleep, anger at the shenanigans and the Bravo site itself threw me off. I'm amazed that Bryan took on ravioli, when the Voltaggios have been openly scoffing at Kevin all season for simple presentations and all of the chefs have pretty much avoided pasta all season long.