Monday, August 11, 2008

Cormac Brown came out to Long Island... the back room, he said "don't touch me! Get lost!"

C'mon Cormac

Take a walk on the mild side

I said hey Cormac

Take a walk on the mild side

We went to Jones Beach last Monday, the Mother-in-law rented for us a Mitsubishi Endeavor and the Avis supplied a Garmin GPS for us. The Garmin was pretty nice overall, though it had its difficulties with the antiquated freeway lanes and on-ramps from the 1930's that populate all of Long Island.

By the time it said "stay to the right," it was almost too late and the actual global positioning could be a little off...but so are the Google Maps on Virgin Airlines, which have you traveling too fast sometimes when you are cruising up to the airport terminal, or have sitting too high when you are just coasting on the runway.

The Mother-in-law gave us a Barnes & Noble giftcard and we tried our best to redeem it at the nearest B & N that the Garmin had given us...but that location was actually a cemetery, across the street from a Pizza Hut and right by Eishenhower Park. Go figure. The other address on Country Road was "oh, so wrong" as well. We finally made it to this one, no help from Garmin who I believed was hacked and their directory filled with bogus information.

The Garmin did get us to Jones Beach just fine...

They have a lot of garbage cans there. Check the clouds, they stayed nice and high, and kept the heat down.

We don't have green flags for the areas that are permissable to swim at in Northern California. There is usually a sign saying "no swimming." We also don't have the same amount of lifeguards, they went away with Proposition 13 and they haven't been back.

See that The Missus was looking down? She was on the hunt for sea shells, though she wasn't going to sell them by the seashore.

She found them and they will be come jewelry.

Look a shark egg! There isn't as much seaweed as there is in California, but we saw more shark eggs than usual.

"There will be no recreating Lawrence of Arabia here!"

The clock tower is really to far away to see. There is the amphitheatre next to it and see what I mean? I told you that there are way too many garbage cans...though they will probably come in handy for Labor Day weekend.

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