Saturday, March 28, 2009


Get yourself a case of Lipitor to get you through this post, because we are going to be talking about the bacon, the bacon, and nothing but the bacon. Apparently in San Francisco, there was a BaconCamp 2009 and it was devoted to all things bacon. Not just the food itself, but also the paraphernalia as well.

Where's Chris? He needs to see this...

We're talking bacon pillows and note the spinning game pointer at the bottom of the pic says...

..."What would bacon do?"

Dang, chocolate bacon cupcakes. I'm not entirely sure about this. No, seriously, where's Chris? He has tried chocolate with bacon in it. And where's the Bacon Lady? She missed out.

Bacon sushi, bacon band-aids, all kinds of things and people devoted the wonder salty meat. At least there wasn't a bacon dirigible...oh, the bacon-anity. Check out the slide show at SF Weekly.


Some Guy said...

It's my belief that, in heaven, everyday is Baconfest.

Cormac Brown said...



Pyzahn said...

I am familiar with the cult of bacon. See it here:

Bubs said...

I need to get out there for the next one.

Lately my family has been forcing me (in a friendly way) to cook vegetables and make salads without using bacon. It's difficult, and I need to be around people who understand me.

Cormac Brown said...


Wow, this goes far deep than I ever would have imagined.


It is astonishing that the Fest even happened here. San Francisco is fairly health-conscious and we were down to just a few BBQ restaurants five years ago.

You could always convince the family to let you use bacon, by using fatback instead. Then bacon will look that much healthier in comparison.

Doc said...

Instead of a flower in my hair, the next time I visit San Fran, I'll wear bacon.


Cormac Brown said...


It's been a while and I can't remember, but is that how the song goes?