Sunday, August 9, 2009

Anthony Bourdain Survives Sandra Lee

Let me preface this by saying I don't find Sandra Lee to be evil and that I have a semi-crush on her that keeps me from completely hating her for just reheating food on TV (for the most part). Yet, I'm not a serious chef nor do I play one on TV or on the Internet, and Anthony Bourdain certainly fits that description.

He had the misfortune/fortune to be ambushed by Sandra Lee and unlike his encounter with Emeril and his semi-homemade encounter with Rachel Ray, this left him slightly traumatized-

I'm paralyzed, wondering what the statute of limitations is on various things I may or may not have done twenty years ago. Sandra is talking. I know this cause her lips are moving and she's saying--overtly anyway, nice things. Like "You're a very naughty man," and she's chatting amiably with my wife... [I'm] frozen by the bizarreness of the moment which seems to go on forever as Sandra's hand wanders upward, tugs an ear lobe and asks if my ears are red yet. (They were.) Having had her way with me, she leaves the emptied husk of my carcass teetering at the table and moves on.

The rest is here at, which should be your first stop every day for the best food blogging.

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