Sunday, March 28, 2010

I love

The Daily Fork has good stuff and great content. If not every day, than at least five to six times a week. Restaurant reviews, food and gourmet news. All served with a good, heaping spoonful of humor.

This week they had a link to the most disturbing food print ads from the 70's, from The Houston Press.

Looking at this "Raisin Pudding Pie" ad. Seeing how cults reached their peak back in the 70's, was this all a coincidence? Sure, come on out to the ranch. Forget about your troubles, and have some pie. Forget about the world...literally, and sign over all your worldly possessions to us. Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-hah! Oh crap, did I just say all that out loud?

You know, I am one of the few people who just absolutely loves German food, but German pizza? Some things are just crimes against nature. Most of the pictures in these ads look like Dr. Monkey Monkerstein's culinary horrors!

A hamburger dress? Seriously? Insert your own entendre.


David Barber said...

I'll have a look at that site. BTW, that bloke on the reaisin pie ad looks like our 'national treasure' and former Englandcentre forward, Gary Lineker.

I agree on the German Pizza bit, and as for entendre's, I'll pass on that. It could be a bloke in a hamburger dress. :-)

Regards mate, David.

Cormac Brown said...


You were not kidding, spittin' image.

"It could be a bloke in a hamburger dress. :-)"

Yeah, well, I don't like my hamburgers with pickles, anyway ; )

Greg said...

what's even more startling is how much copy there is in each of the ads. Other magazines, especially those that didn't have color throughout the magazine, often had MORE.

print ads today rarely have so many words, and their importance is way way less than photography, photoshop, etc.

Cormac Brown said...


Wow, that is an excellent point. I remember how involved ads used to be, until the 70's. Car ads, radio ads, even Campbell Soup ads were like "War And Peace" in comparison.

I guess that's a by-product of the original MTV, where image became king.