Saturday, March 20, 2010

Marcel, SyFy, coincidence?

From Eat Me Daily-

Seems like you can't have a cable network without a food show these days. Syfy has announced a new reality lineup which includes a show called Marcel's Quantum Kitchen, starring Top Chef season 2 runner-up Marcel Vigneron. The show will feature Vigneron's new catering company as they take on wacky theme parties such as a fairytale graduation and a goth-rock fashion show. It seems that the only reason this show fits the science fiction genre is that Vigneron is a molecular gastronomist, but we'll wait to see it before we pass judgment.

Hmm, on the SyFy Channel? Why on the SyFy Channel?

Hell if I know, Elliot.


David Barber said...

That's too much now. A Cooking Show on a Sci-Fi channel. I've seen it all now. I love cooking and do most of it at home, and I do watch the occasional cookery program but putting one on a channel where it doesn't belong??
Maybe they were the only channel willing to buy it. :-)

Cormac Brown said...


Aye, and aye.