Friday, November 21, 2008

Is The Money On Radhika?

The Missus has picked Radhika and hey, maybe she knows something, because her instincts are dead-on. She picked Obama to go all the way, before anybody else that I knew did.

I do know this, Ariane has pictures of somebody doing something that's illegal somewhere, 'cause she might be a good cook, but she's not a Top Chef.

I also know that Carla...

...looks just like Tracy Ellis Ross.

Is Carla, Diana Ross's secret love child?

Naw, kidding. At any rate, when I root, I'm a homer and I root for the home team-

Jaime? Get your spatula out and toss them like so much mango salsa!


Dale said...

May the spirits guide you and what's her name? Radicchio?

Cormac Brown said...


Watch out now, or Radhika will make mirepoix outta you.